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Contact Us

Contact Us 

You can use the pull down list box to select the department that you wish to contact or you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and select a name from the list. 


Toll Free: (888) 371-0779

Phone: (519)371-7710

Fax: (519)371-0813


Dave Taylor President Email Dave Taylor 104
Liz Taylor  Office Manager Contact Liz Taylor 105
Richard Slack Manager - Pro Audio Services  Contact Richard Slack 112
Customer Service Contact Customer Service 101
Heather Thede Administrator - Pro Audio Services contact Heather McMillan 111
David McNeil Manager - Pro Audio Installations Contact David McNeil 113
Mike Graham Technician - Pro A/V Services Contact Mike Graham 110
Brittani Fisher Administrator - EBSEM and Service  Contact Brittani Fisher 102 
Cathy Patchell Administrator - OEM Services  Contact Cathy Patchell 114 
Steve Hutchinson IT Support  Contact Steve Hutchinson 115 
Adam Woods Technical Supervisor - OEM Services  Contact Adam Woods 108 
Tom Gowan Technician - OEM Services   Contact Tom Gowan 109 
Jessica Nyysola  Manufacturing Technician OEM Services Contact Jessica Nyysola 107