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Showroom Lighting

Hosting your own Event?
Rent a PA System from Taylor Electronic Services.

Let our experts help you decide which equipment is best suited for your event, big or small and we'll provide step by step instructions
on how to set it up.


Make Model Qty Description Pricing Image
Mackie SRM 450 12 Mackie SRM450-V2, 400 watt powered Speaker. Enquiry SRM 450V2
Mackie SRM 350 6 Mackie SRM350-V2, 300 watt powered speaker. Enquiry SRM 350
Mackie SRM 1801 2 Mackie SRM1801, 500 Watt powered subwoofer. Enquiry SRM 1801
Mackie HD 1501 1 Mackie HD1501, 1200 watt powered 15 inch subwoofer. Enquiry HD 1501
Mackie HD 1221 2 Mackie HD1221, 1200 watt 12 inch powered speaker. Enquiry HD 1221
Mackie HD 1521 3 Mackie HD1521, 1200watt 15 inch Powered speaker. Enquiry HD 1521
Mackie SRM 150 6 Mackie SRM150, Personal monitor. Enquiry SRM 150
Electro Voice ELX18P 1 EV ELX18P, 1000 watt powered subwoofer. Enquiry ELX18P
Electro Voice ZXA1 2 EV ZXA1, 800 watt peak 8 inch speaker Enquiry ZXA1
American Audio PXI 15P 4 (1 wireless) American Audio Powered 400 watt Enquiry PXI 15P
Behringer K3000FX 1 Behringer Keyboard Amp Enquiry K3000FX
Electro Voice TSS-1 5 pairs EV Speaker Stands with carry case Enquiry K3000FX


Make Model Qty Description Pricing Image
Mackie 802-VLZ3 1 Kit includes:
802-VLZ3 Mixer, Power Supply, XLR outputs
Enquiry 802-VLZ3
Behringer Eurorack UB1204-Pro 1 Kit includes:
8UB1204-Pro Mixer, Power Supply, XLR Outputs
Enquiry Eurorack UB1204
Mackie 402-VLZ3 1 Mackie 402-VLZ3, tWO XLR Inputs, XLR Outputs Enquiry 402-VLZ3
Mackie D4 1 Mackie D4, 4 channels, XLR/RCA Output Enquiry D4
Behringer DJX700 1 Behringer DJX 700, 4 channel DJ mixer, All inputs and outputs RCA Enquiry DJX700
Mackie 1604-VLZ3 1 Mackie 1604-VLZ3, 16 XLR inputs, XLR outputs, 4 groups Enquiry 1604-VLZ3
Mackie SR24-4 VLZ3 1 Mackie SR24-4 VLZ3, 20 XLR, 4 Groups, XLR Out Enquiry SR24-4 VLZ3
Mackie CFX12 mkII 1 Mackie CFX12 mkII, 8 XLR inputs, 4 Groups, XLR outputs Enquiry CFX12
Mackie 1402-VLZ3 1 Mackie 1402-VLZ3, 6XLR, XLR output Enquiry 1402-VLZ3
Mackie DFX-12 1 Mackie DFX-12, 6 XLR, XLR Output, 2 returns Enquiry DFX-12
Behringer PMH 3000 1 Behringer PMH 3000, 2-400 Watt powered amps, 8 XLR inputs Enquiry PMH 3000
Behringer PMH 1000 1 Behringer PMH 1000, 2-300 Watt powered amps, 6 XLR Enquiry PMH 1000
Behringer UB1832FX 1 Behringer UB1832 FX, 6 XLR inputs, XLR ouputs Enquiry UB1832FX