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Taylor Electronic Services Associates Attain Highest-Level Hearing Loop Certification

[b]Owen Sound, ON – February 25, 2015[/b]

Taylor Electronic Services is excited to announce that they have attained Level 2 Hearing Loop integration certification from Listen Technologies.

Hearing loss affects 17% of the adult US population; a number that is increasing as the population ages. As of March 15, 2012 all newly constructed or altered state and local government facilities must comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Assistive Listening Systems.

[img]images/News/Listen.png[/img]“In each assembly area, where audible communication is integral to the use of the space, an Assistive Listening System (ALS) shall be provided.

Assembly areas include, but are not limited to, classrooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, public meeting rooms, legislative chambers, motion picture houses, auditoria, theaters, playhouses, dinner theaters, concert halls, performing arts centers, amphitheaters, arenas, stadiums, grandstands, and convention centers."

[b]Why Loop Technology?[/b]

While crude Hearing Loop technology and installations have existed for many decades, there is new technology, new configurations, and a renewed national effort to encourage and promote the proper installation and use of loop systems.

Hearing Loop solutions offer individuals with the “invisible disability” of hearing loss the ability to experience full and rich audio interactions in just about any setting. Users can enjoy a discreet listening experience without background noise, competing sounds, reverberation, or other acoustic distortions that reduce sound clarity.

There are now six different loop configurations or layouts that can be applied using today’s modern technology. Each is engineered to comply with the specific needs and applications of various venues.

[b]What is a Hearing Loop?[/b]

Hearing Loop technology uses a magnetic field to wirelessly transmit audio to a person’s T-Coil enabled hearing aid or cochlear implant, or a Hearing Loop receiver with earphones.

There are international performance standards to ensure that those who have a T-Coil hearing aid get a consistent quality of service, regardless of the venue. For this reason, equipment manufacturers and certified systems integrators have a vested interest in maintaining the objectives set forth in the IEC60118-4 standard.

[b]Features and Benefits:[/b]

· Discreet User Experience - Individuals do not have to ask anyone to receive equipment nor help, they need only switch their hearing aids to the ‘T’ position to hear clearly.

· Transient Environment Applications - The only solution to support those with a hearing loss at ticket counters, drive-thru windows, train stations, bus stations, airport terminals, or anywhere where traditional ALS systems are not practical.

· Cost Effective Infrastructure - Requires lower investment in receivers to be purchased, managed or maintained.

· Hygienic for end users and venues – There is no equipment to hand out therefore venues are not responsible for sanitizing earbuds/stereo phones

[b]System Design & Training[/b]

Hearing Loop systems don’t exist in a carton or on a warehouse shelf; but only when carefully designed, installed and certified for proper operation.

Taylor Electronic Services can support you with design, consultation, installation, and training to ensure that the best quality solution is delivered to meet the needs of your particular application.


Congratulations to

David.McNeil - Installations Manager

Richard Slack - Manager Pro Audio Services

Taylor Electronic Services Inc.

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