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Behringer SPS-400 PSU

SPS400 Switch Mode Power Supply

  • Surplus
  • International shipping
  • Used in PMH-1000, PMP-1000
  • Has single set of plug outputs to amplifier module
  • Old part# 002-23800-08559; A02-23800-08559; A05-11500-04858; A05-11505-00728; A05-11505-06956; 005-11500-04858; 005-11505-00728; 005-11505-06956
  • Behringer PMH1000 power supply
  • Behringer PMP1000 power supply
  • Part # Q05-11505-00728
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Type Manufacturer number TES number
Circuit Board Q05-11505-00728 7329
TAGS, Q05-11505-00728, TES# 7329, SPS400, PMH1000 power supply, PMP1000 power supply,