Behringer SPS-600 Power Supply

  • Surplus
  • SPS 600
  • Used in Behringer PMH-3000, PMH-880S, PMH-5000, PMX-5000
  • Has dual plug power outputs to amplifier modules
  • Old part# 002-17000-08577; A05-23200-02917; A05-23205-07885; A02-17000-08577; 005-23200-02917; 005-23205-07885
  • Behringer PMH3000 power supply
  • Behringer PMH5000 power supply
  • Behringer PMH880S power supply
  • Behringer PMX5000 power supply
  • Part # Q05-23205-07885
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Type Manufacturer number TES number
Circuit Board Q05-23205-07885 6566
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