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Custom AV Solutions

We can help you create the ultimate sound and video experience with state of the art system control, automation and custom AV solutions. You can experience remote meetings with superb video and audio quality at affordable prices.

If the ideal experience in your facility, boardroom or business involves sound, video and systems control - then you need a custom AV system. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of assuming that adding more equipment into the mix will improve the overall environment.

The truth is that you need to consider a number of different variables before you come to that ‘solution’. Are specific audio zones required? Is acoustic treatment required to deal with echo and excessive ambient sound levels? Are there multiple screens required? All same content or different content in the different zones or displays?

TES can work with you to put together the plans that will provide you with the system that will serve you well and to provide a comfortable environment meeting your audio, video system needs.



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