EVX180B Subwoofer

For QRX-218S, QRX218S speaker repair

  • International shipping
  • 18" subwoofer, EVX180B
  • Replaces EVX180A
  • See TES# 13482 for recone kit, F.01U.110.662
  • Dynacord Cobra PWH, Dynacord Sub
  • Old part# F.01U.146.620, 818pd2883, 818-2883, 818 2883
  • F.01U.275.618
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Type Manufacturer number TES number
Woofer F.01U.275.618 9294
Tags, EVX 180B, EVX 180A, Dynacord, D349397, F.01U.112.587, DME 1181, DME 1183/64, DME 2181, F118, F17 PWH, F18 PWH, F218, F8, FX20, M18 MADRAS, Dynacord MADRAS, SH2 PRO, SRX 118, SRX 218, Dynacord SUB 600A, V17, V18, V 28 PWH,