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ModelMackie Part NumberTES Part NumberDescription
MACKIE THUMP 12 Woofer2042775514310MACKIE 20427755
MACKIE THUMP 12 Horn Driver204359513639MACKIE 2043595
NO THUMP 12 Diaphragm AvailableMACKIE 2042350-00
MACKIE THUMP 12 Amplifier Module2042350-0012766THUMP 12 Amplifier Assembly
MACKIE THUMP 15 Woofer204275613786Mackie 2042756
MACKIE THUMP 15 Horn Driver204359513639Mackie 2043595
No THUMP 15 Diaphragm AvailableTHUMP 15 Amplifier Assembly
MACKIE THUMP 15 Amplifier Module2042350-0213304Mackie 2042350-02
MACKIE THUMP 18S SubWoofer 18" Driver204297814325Mackie 2042978
MACKIE THUMP 18S Amplifier Module2042586-0014324Mackie 2042586-00
MACKIE TH12A Woofer203567110078Mackie 2035671
MACKIE TH12A Horn Driver203998713445Mackie 2039987
No MACKIE TH12A Diaphragm Availablemackie thump 12 amp module
MACKIE TH12A Amplifier Module0021521-0410164TH12A Amplifier Assembly
MACKIE TH12A Amplifier Module - B Stock0021521-04-B14035Mackie 0021521-04
MACKIE TH15-A Woofer20404618014TH15A Woofer
MACKIE TH15-A Horn Driver203998713445TH12A Tweeter
No MACKIE TH15-A Diaphragm Availablemackie thump 15 amp module
MACKIE TH15-A Amplifier Module0021521-0210227MACKIE TH15A Amp Assembly
MACKIE TH15-A Amplifier Module - B Stock0021521-02-B13864Mackie Thump th-15a amplifier module
Mackie Thump 15A Amplifier Module2048897-0114996Mackie Thump 15A Amp assembly, MACKIE 2048897-00
MACKIE 2048897-00