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ModelMackie Part NumberTES Part NumberDescription
Mackie SRM350V2 Woofer LN10/2001-1220383047874Mackie 2038304
Mackie SRM350V2 Horn Driver DC10-1402-16204078611953NLA-0006216 DC10/1500-16, 2040786, Mackie SRM350V2 HF Driver
Mackie SRM350V2 Amplifier Module0027607-008465SRM350V2 Amplifier Assembly, 0027607-00, SRM350V2 Amp Assembly
Mackie SRM350V3 Woofer204402114301Mackie 2044021, Speaker Parts
Mackie SRM350V3 Horn Driver204359513639SRM350V3 Tweeter
Mackie SRM350V3 Amplifier Module2042997-0014089SRM350V3 Amplifier Assembly
Mackie SRM450v1 Woofer LN12/4002-082038303115760016643 LC12-2001-8, Mackie 2038303
Mackie SRM450v1 Horn Driver DC10/1701-880936158Mackie 0008093, Mackie SRM450 HF Driver
Mackie SRM450v1 Diaphragm - Horn Driver256667614MACKIE 0025666
Mackie SRM450 v1 Amplifier ModuleNo longer availableSRM450 Amplifier Assembly Mackie 0005684-90
MACKIE Amplifier Module - B StockNo longer availableMackie SRM450 replacement woofer
Mackie SRM450v2 Woofer LN12/4002-08203830311576Mackie 0025991, Mackie 2038303
Mackie SRM450v2 Horn Driver DC10/1801-8257267885Mackie 0025726, Mackie SRM450V2 HF Driver
Mackie SRM450v2 Diaphragm - Horn Driver326588323SRM450V2 Tweeter, Mackie 0032658
Mackie SRM450v2 Amplifier Module0027377-008238Mackie SRM450v2 Amplifier Assembly, Mackie 0027377-00
Mackie SRM450V3 Woofer204402013640Mackie 2044020
Mackie SRM450V3 Horn Driver204359513639Mackie 2043595
Mackie SRM450V3 Amplifier Module2043001-0014099MACKIE SRM450V3 Amplifier Assembly
Mackie SRM450V3 Amplifier Module - B Stock2043001-00-B14693SRM450V3 Amp Assembly
Mackie SRM550 WooferCY-204154614273Mackie CY-2041546
Mackie SRM550 Horn Driver203998713445SRM550 Tweeter
Mackie SRM550 Amplifier Module2041485-0014272SRM550 Amplifier Assembly
Mackie SRM550 Amplifier Module - B StockSRM450V3 Amp Module
Mackie SRM650 WooferCY-204154714328SRM650 Woofer
Mackie SRM650 Horn Driver203998713445SRM650 Tweeter
Mackie SRM650 Amplifier Module2041485-0214327SRM650 Amplifier Assembly
Mackie SRM750 WooferCY-204154714328Mackie CY-2041547
Mackie SRM750 Horn Driver204359513639SRM750 Tweeter
Mackie SRM750 Amplifier Module2041485-0414330SRM750 Amplifier Assembly
Mackie SRM1801 SubWooferCY-2041539135382033568
Mackie SRM1801 Amplifier Module2046526-0011147Mackie SRM1801 Amplifier Assembly, Mackie 2046526-00
Mackie SRM1801 Amplifier Module - B Stock2046526-00-B13489Mackie SRM1801 Amp Assembly
Mackie SRM1850 SubWooferCY-204153913538Mackie CY-2041539
Mackie SRM1850 Amplifier Module2041500-0014311MACKIE SRM1850 Amp Assembly