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DescriptionTelex Part NumberTES# ALT Part Number
Telex Beltpack Antenna
Telex BPA-1 Antenna, Violet 425 - 488 MHzF.01U.118.473TES# 5688Telex TR-700 Antennas
Telex BPA-2 Antenna, Black 488 - 556 MHzF.01U.118.474TES# 5689Telex TR-800 Antenna
Telex BPA-3 Antenna, Yellow 556 - 636 MHzF.01U.118.475TES# 5690Telex TR-825 Antenna
Telex BPA-4 Antenna, Green 636 - 726 MHzF.01U.118.476TES# 4485Telex TR-82N Antenna
Telex Base Station AntennaTES#
Telex FA-RW- RS, 1/2 WAVE FLEX ANTENNA, 470-550 MHzF.01U.241.420TES# 9532Telex BTR-800 Antenna
Telex FA-YW-RS, 1/2 WAVE FLEX ANTENNA, 525-610 MHzF.01U.241.419TES# 9533Telex BTR-700 Antenna
Telex FA-GW-RS, 1/2 WAVE FLEX ANTENNA, 610-710 MHzF.01U.241.421TES# 9534Telex BTR-80N Antenna
Telex Beltpack PartsTES# Telex Headset Repair
Telex BP-700 Alkaline AA Battery PackF.01U.118.307TES# 4422Telex TR-800 Battery
Telex BP-800NM NiMH Rechargeable BatteryF.01U.139.547TES# 10670Telex TR-82N Battery
Telex TR-800 Push to Talk Switch F.01U.110.080TES# 4413Telex 700157
Telex On /Off Volume Control, 10kF.01U.110.284TES# 5557TR-700, TR-800, TR-825, TR-82N, TR-80N
Telex TR800, TR82N Cover, Rear Switch/Display BoardF.01U.109.279TES# 4493Telex 450364-1
Telex TR700, TR800, TR825, Belt ClipF.01U.111.083TES# 4494Telex 92873001
Telex TR700, TR800, TR825, Belt Clip ScrewF.01U.109.611TES# 4495Telex 54993074
Telex TR700, TR800, TR825, Battery HookF.01U.109.285TES# 5617Telex 450388
Telex TR700, TR800, Battery Pack Latch ReleaseF.01U.114.115TES# 5618PAR000097000
Telex TR825, TR82N, Battery Pack Latch ReleaseF.01U.114.116TES# 7416PAR000107000
Telex TR-800 Top Button KeypadF.01U.109.284TES# 5945Telex 450387
Telex TR700, TR800, TR825 Spring, Battery Pack LatchF.01U.109.196TES# 5948Telex 358900
Telex TR700, TR800, TR825 LCD DisplayF.01U.140.351TES# 6673Telex 879423
Telex Case set, TR700/800F.01U.110.775TES# 7707Telex 879422
Telex TR-800 Label SetF.01U.110.517TES# 11819Telex 802968
Telex TR700, TR800, TR825 Rear Panel Display LabelF.01U.110.516TES# 7706Telex 802956
Telex TR-82N BeltclipF.01U.162.001TES# 9840Telex TR-80N Beltclip
Telex TR-82N Beltclip BracketF.01U.171.404TES# 9841Telex TR-80N Beltclip Bracket
Telex TR-82N Case SetF.01U.201.124TES# 12870PAR000093000
Telex TR-82N Label Set F.01U.201.153TES# 11767LLA000098001
Telex Rear Switches Label, TR-80N, TR-82NF.01U.201.161TES# 14228LLA000298000
Telex TR-80N Case SetF.01U.273.267TES# 11765PAR000106000
Telex TR-80N Label SetF.01U.241.081TES# 11764LLA000099001
Telex TR-24 Battery F.01U.154.565TES# 12129Telex X0-1 Battery, Legacy
Telex BTR-24 BatteryF.01U.154.571TES# 11022Telex XO-AP Battery, Legacy
Telex Beltpacks
Telex BP-1002 Circuit boardF.01U.154.848TES# 10968BP1000 Circuit board
Telex Base Station PartsTES#
Telex BTR-800 Power Supply 24V, 2.1AF.01U.110.310TES# 6800Telex BTR-800 Repair
Telex BTR-800 Antenna Coaxial Cable Assy.F.01U.110.062TES# 7720690460-1
Telex BTR-80N Power Supply, 12VDC, 3.35AF.01U.264.844TES# 11575Telex BTR-80N Repair
Telex BTR-80N Antenna CableF.01U.201.134TES# 14091Telex 6905001
Telex BTR-80N Transmitter Combiner PCB Assy.F.01U.261.124TES# 12845ASY000242000
Telex PH-88 Headset300852-200TES# 8980Telex PH88 Headset
Telex PH-88-R HeadsetF.01U.117.490TES# 98254 Pin MALE Connector
TELEX PH-88 HEADSET PARTSTelex Headset Parts
Telex PH-88 Boom Microphone Assy. F.01U.110.452TES# 5414Telex 800499-100, Telex 800499100
Telex C-8 Moleskin Ear CushionS-590626001TES# 5786Telex 590626-000, Telex 590626000
Telex PH-88 Windscreen, WS2F.01U.118.011TES# 9076Telex 59835-000, Telex 59835000
Telex PH-88 Earpiece Housing Assy.F.01U.110.027TES# 9695Telex 64308-107, Telex 64308107
Telex PH-88 Headband Assy.F.01U.289.915TES# 9698Telex 64352-026, Telex 64352026
Telex PH-88 Temple plateF.01U.110.211TES# 7265Telex 70531-003, Telex 70531003
Telex PH-88 Temple plate foam padF.01U.311.117TES# 7266Telex 70533-000, Telex 70533000
Telex HR-1, HR-2 Headset PartsTES# Telex Headset Parts
Telex HR1/2 Dynamic Microphone Assy.F.01U.126.692TES# 12741Telex HR1 microphone, HR2 microphone
Telex 785L Gooseneck Paging MicrophoneF.01U.391.503TES# 11573Telex 785L
Telex SR785L Gooseneck Paging MicrophoneF.01U.391.589TES# 7650With Push To Talk Switch
Telex 450D Push To Talk MicrophoneF.01U.391.592TES# 13879Telex 450D Mobile Microphone
Telex US600EL PTT MIcrophoneF.01U.118.017Telex US600ELTelex Mobile Microphone
Telex MCP90-8 Gooseneck MicrophoneMCP90-8Telex MCP90-8Telex Intercom Microphone
Telex MCP90-12 Gooseneck MicrophoneMCP90-12Telex MCP90-12Telex Intercom
Telex MCP90-18 Gooseneck MicrophoneMCP90-18Telex MCP90-18Telex Intercom
Telex BP-4000-A4MBP-4000-A4MTelex BP40001 Channel Portable Intercom
Telex BP-5000-A4MBP-5000-A4MTelex BP50002 Channel Portable Intercom
Telex CCB-1 Intercom InterfaceTelex CCB1CCB 1Telex to Clearcom Interface
Telex ICW-6 Parts
Telex ICW-6 Outside Speaker Assy.F.01U.315.154TES# 13904Complete outside speaker assy.
Telex ICW-6 Power SupplyF.01U.268.037TES# 117705VDC 4.0A Power Supply
Telex KP-3016 Speaker with Cable AssyF.01U.310.565TES# 16858Telex DKP-3016, DKP-4016, KP-3016a, KP-4016, KP-5032
Telex KP-32 Grey Toggle SwitchF.01U.286.881TES# 14509KP32 Grey Toggle Switch
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