Expert Audio Video Installation For Peak Performance

Let our certified technicians handle your next project to get the most from your AV systems.

  • Professional audio video
  • Commercial audio video
  • We use quality Digiflex cables and Hosa audio products

Audio Video Solutions

Every hall, church, conference or board room is different. The rooms, the uses all dictate the audio video needs. That and looking to the future is what TES can do for you. Whether it is simply a projector and screen installation, microphones and speakers or a complete audio video system, TES can provide you with the design, installation and training to meet your needs. We offer complete audio video installation solutions in Owen Sound, Grey, Bruce and surrounding areas. We use quality Digiflex cables, neutrik connectors and Hosa audio products.

Houses of Worship

There is no one system be it audio, video or lighting that will work for every church. Each church is unique. Audio, Video, Acoustics and Lighting systems must be carefully developed to meet the needs of different worship styles and budgets. TES will work to provide the best church audio video system to meet your needs.

Commercial and Retail

The retail and restaurant businesses know that the shopping and dining are part of the whole experience when that patron comes into your establishment.  Visual and Audio equipment and content can enhance that experience. From background music, Digital Signage to enhanced lighting and image projection- TES can assist you with all of this!

Community and Recreational Facilities

Council chambers, arenas and community centres all serve the public better with Audio and Video Solutions. From the Conference system in the Council Chambers along with Assistive Listening capabilities providing a clear signal to the public to the ability to understand what the penalty call just made in that crucial tied game. TES can assist your community in improving the clarity of your messaging with Digital Signage, Improved Sound and audio video repair services.

Assistive Listening

Is your facility hearing friendly? Let us assist you with many options that are available. No one need go without hearing that important discussion at your Council meeting, or enjoying that play or concert. There are many systems and products that TES can discuss with you, from permanent ‘Loop’ Systems to portable Systems.

Mass Communication and Emergency Notification

A properly installed public address system lets you keep everyone safe, informed, and effective.


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