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ELECTRO VOICE 81514XX HF Diaphragm

Genuine EV Replacement diaphragm for EV DH3, DH2010A, DH2005 (833-2442), DH3-B, drivers.

Used in EV Eliminator, XI-1082, XI1082, TX1152, ZX4, TX1152FM, ETX-12P, ETX-15P, ETX-35P, T52+, SX100, ZX1i-90W, 89858XX, SH1512ER, ZX1i-100T, ZXA1-90W, SX300PIX HF driver

  • Usually in stock
  • Genuine Electro Voice diaphragm
  • International shipping is available
  • EV DH3 diaphragm
  • EV DH2010A diaphragm
  • EV DH2005 diaphragm
  • EV ZXA1 diaphragm
  • EV SXA250 diaphragm
  • EV SXA100 diaphragm
  • 81514XX
  • F.01U.280.471
  • EV Eliminator horn driver diaphragm
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Type Manufacturer number TES number
Speaker Diaphragm F.01U.280.471 4560
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