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NameEV Part NumberTES Part NumberDescription
EV ZXA1 Replacement WooferF.01U.167.6148926EV8L
EV ZXA1 HF Driver, DH2005F.01U.281.4448022EV ZXA1 Tweeter
EV ZXA1 HF DiaphragmF.01U.280.471456081514xx
EV ZXA1 Amplifier Module Assy.F.01U.277.65811386F01U277658
EV ZXA1 Amp Assembly B StockF.01U.277.658-B12403F01U277658B
ZXA1 Input/Amplifier PCB Assy.F.01U.265.59613375F01U265596
ZXA1 Power Supply PCB Assy.F.01U.265.35313376F01U265353
EV ZX1i Replacement WooferF.01U.167.6148926EV8L
ZX1i HF Driver, DH2005F.01U.281.4448022F01U281444
ZX1i HF DiaphragmF.01U.280.4714560F01U280471
EV ZXA1 SUB Replacement SubwooferF.01U.251.23414121EVS-12S
EV ZXA1- Sub Amplifier ModuleF.01U.251.23710778F01U251237
EV ZXA1- Sub Amp Assembly B StockF.01U.251.237- B13454F01U215237B
EV ZXA1- Sub Power Supply PCBF.01U.306.75614044HYPEX SMPS400
EV ZX4 Replacement WooferF.01U.109.6916986EVS-15SF
EV ZX4 HF Driver, DH3F.01U.281.7404353833PD990
ZX4 Horn Driver Diaphragm, DH3F.01U.280.471456081514XX
ZX4 Crossover PCB AssyF.01U.270.0698314560398000
EV ZXA5 Amplifier ModuleF.01U.101.2418923D170371
EV ZXA5 Replacement Woofer, DVX-3150AF.01U.278.3917467ASY000615001
EV ZXA5 HF Driver, ND2-16F.01U.281.7398921301537101
EV ZXA5 Horn Driver DiaphragmF.01U.280.2648922800810101
EV ZXA5 Powercon Power CableF.01U.140.6558055D359310
EV ZXA5 Digimod 2000 ModuleF.01U.113.05315357D365741