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RECONE KITS DO NOT INCLUDE ADHESIVES - (We do not sell the adhesives)

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ModelEV Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
EVX180B RECONE KIT EVX180B 818-2883/2884/2885F.01U.110.662EVX180B Woofer84591XX
EV DL18MT RECONE KITF.01U.110.551EV 81386XX81386XX
EV RECONE KIT 812-3283F.01U.110.713EV 8123283 Woofer85587XX
EV RECONE KIT 812-1705F.01U.153.927EV 8121705 Woofer82439XX
EV DVX3150 RECONE KIT WOOFERF.01U.109.149EV DVX-3150301177023
EV EVS-18S RECONE KITF.01U.109.144EVS18S LF Driver301177012
EV DVX3121 RECONE KIT WOOFERF.01U.109.154EV DVX3121 LF Driver301177030
EV EVS-15SF RECONE KIT EVS-15SF, ZX4F.01U.109.151EV ZX4 LF Driver301177026
EV RECONE KIT 812-2858, 812-3074F.01U.110.668EV 84675XX84675XX
EV RECONE KIT 812-890, PROLINE 12SF.01U.110.880EV 89807XX89807XX
EV RECONE KIT DL15XF.01U.110.887EV 89889XX89889XX
EV RECONE KIT DVN-2065 - 6.5 INF.01U.140.362EV DVN2065 Midrange DriverPAR000877000
EV RECONE KIT DL15ST, 815-3010F.01U.110.7348153010 Woofer85860XX
EV DL15ST Woofer, 15"F.01U.275.612EV DL15ST LF Driver815PD3010
EV DL15BFH RECONE KIT F.01U.110.698EV DL15BFH LF Driver85479XX
EV RECONE KIT EVX155RMDF.01U.110.684EV 85117XX85117XX
EV RECONE KIT PROLINE 12LF.01U.110.879EV 89806XX89806XX
EV RECONE KIT DL15YF.01U.109.140301223001EV Replacement Speakers
EV RECONE KIT OEM SPEAKERF.01U.110.628F01U11062883523XX
EV RECONE KIT DL15WF.01U.110.893EV DL15W LF Driver89947XX
EV DL18BFH RECONE KITF.01U.110.699DL18BFH Woofer85480XX
EV RECONE KIT EMV10DLXF.01U.146.607F01U146607301177007
EV RECONE KIT PROLINE 18BF.01U.110.883F01U11088389810XX
EV EVS-15S RECONE KIT , 15" WOOFERF.01U.109.152EVS-15S Speaker301177028
EV RECONE KIT DL12XF.01U.154.223EV DL12X LF Driver85791XX
EV EVX180A RECONE KIT EVX180AF.01U.110.606EV EVX180A Woofer82835XX
EV RECONE KIT EV15FR, 15" WOOFERF.01U.109.146EV15FR LF Driver301177015
EV RECONE KIT DVN-2080 8"F.01U.215.828EV DVN2080 LF Driver301177027
EV RECONE KIT DL15X/WPF.01U.110.598EV DVN2080 LF Driver82675XX
EV EVX180A RECONE KIT 818-2882F.01U.110.661EV EVX180A LF Driver84590XX
EV EVX180A RECONE KIT , SYSTEMSF.01U.153.996EV EVX180A LF Driver83417XX
EV DVX3151 WooferF.01U.275.610EVF-1152D/43 LF Driver302035101
EV DVX3151 RECONE KIT WOOFERF.01U.109.155EV DVX3151 LF Driver301177031
EV RECONE KIT LA LFS 18700F.01U.134.447F.01U.134.447S-F01U134447
EV RECONE KIT 81KIT (815-3083), EVX150BF.01U.110.679EVX150B LF Driver84941XX
EV RECONE KIT EVX150A-OEMF.01U.154.019EVX150A LF Driver83694XX
EV DVX3120 RECONE KIT WOOFERF.01U.109.150DVX3120 Woofer301177024
EV RECONE KIT 812-3195/3283, DL12SXF.01U.110.710EV DL12SX LF Driver85578XX
EV RECONE KIT 300993000F.01U.109.141F.01U.109.141301177002
EV SMX2121 RECONE KIT WOOFER, ASY00035300F.01U.109.159EV SMX2121 LF Driver301177036
EV EVS12SB RECONE KIT WOOFERF.01U.109.157EV EVS12SB LF Driver301177034
EV RECONE KIT DL15SX, 815-2647F.01U.110.735EV DL15SX LF Driver85861XX
EV RECONE KIT EVX155F.01U.110.644EVX155 LF Driver84012XX
EV SX300 RECONE KIT, 812-3026, DL12SXF.01U.110.675EV DL12SX Woofer84910XX
EV RECONE KIT 815-1506, EVX150AF.01U.110.601EVX150A Replacement Woofer82712XX
EV RECONE KIT 1812-560F.01U.110.602EV 1812-560 Woofer82812XX
EV RECONE KIT 812-2997F.01U.110.697EV 812-2997 Woofer85468XX
EV DL15BFH RECONE KIT, ASY000611001F.01U.174.508EV SXA250 RECONE KITASY000962005
EV EVM12L RECONE KIT F.01U.109.148EVM12L 8 OHM301177021
EV RECONE KIT 8" WooferF.01U.124.634EV Replacement 8" Woofer301177020
EV RECONE KIT 815-3084, 815-3087F.01U.154.224EV 85805XX85805XX
EV RECONE KIT DL12BFLF.01U.109.142EV DL12BFL LF Driver301177006
EV RECONE KIT 812-3238 WooferF.01U.110.701EV 8123238 Woofer85499XX
EV RECONE KIT EVX155RMDF.01U.153.647EVX155RMD Replacement Woofer800652000
EV RECONE KIT 1815-0991, SH1502ERF.01U.110.579EV SH1502ER LF Driver82113XX
EV RECONE KIT DL15XTF.01U.154.083EV 84368XX84368XX
EV RECONE KIT DL15FRX, F.01U.126.462301229001301177003
EV RECONE KIT RAMSA-15F.01U.110.615EV RAMSA 15 Woofer83105
EV RECONE KIT 812-3196F.01U.110.714EV 8123196 Woofer85588XX
EV RECONE KIT T221/812-2746F.01U.110.655EV 84354XX84354XX
EV RECONE KIT T-52 WOOFERF.01U.110.616EV 83120XX83120XX
EV RECONE KIT DL18BFAF.01U.146.599EV DL18BFA Subwoofer301175000
EV RECONE KIT S-122 WOOFERF.01U.110.599F.01U.110.59982678XX
EV RECONE KIT 812-3026F.01U.154.179EV 8123026 Woofer85403XX
EV RECONE KIT 15" WOOFERF.01U.146.613F.01U.146.613301177019
EV RECONE KIT SB120AF.01U.110.613EV 83101XX83101XX
EV RECONE KIT 815-3137F.01U.110.709EV 85577XX85577XX
EV RECONE KIT ND12A-8F.01U.109.143EV ND12A-8 LF Driver301177010
EV RECONE KIT 812-2776F.01U.154.057EV 8122776 Woofer84014XX
EV RECONE KIT EVM15DLX, 301189101F.01U.146.611EVM15DLX Woofer301177009
EV RECONE KIT DL12X-WPF.01U.153.952EV 82672XX82672XX
EV RECONE KIT 812-3284F.01U.110.712EV 85586XX85586XX
EV RECONE KIT FM12C/82191F.01U.110.586EV 82436XX82436XX
EVX180A RECONE KIT 818-1510 AND 818-1F.01U.154.102EV 84592XX84592XX
EV RECONE KIT 1815-2823 (M15)F.01U.110.652EV 18152823 Woofer84266XX
EV RECONE KIT DTS-200 WOOFER (EV)F.01U.154.062EV 84157XX84157XX
EV EVM12L RECONE KIT EVM12L 16 OHMF.01U.109.153EV EVM12L Guitar301177029
EV RECONE KIT BX10F.01U.153.968EV 82833XX82833XX
EV RECONE KIT SX200 WOOFERF.01U.110.648EV SX200 LF Driver84113XX
EV RECONE KIT MESA 10" 8OHMF.01U.154.011F.01U.154.011EV Replacement Speakers
EV RECONE KIT 812-2775F.01U.154.056EV 812-2775 Woofer84013XX
EV RECONE KIT B-10-16F.01U.110.605F.01U.110.60582834XX
EV RECONE KIT MESA 10" 16OHMF.01U.110.631F.01U.110.631EV Replacement Speakers
EV RECONE KIT 812-2822F.01U.110.660EV 84480XX84480XX
EV RECONE KIT 12" FORCE-IF.01U.109.145F.01U.109.145301177013
EV RECONE KIT 1803-9943F.01U.110.854EV 89068XXElectro Voice Parts
EV RECONE KIT 301188101F.01U.146.609F.01U.146.609EV Replacement Speakers
EV RECONE KIT DL12W-WPF.01U.110.597EV 82673XX82673XX
EV DL15BFH RECONE KITF.01U.146.603F.01U.146.603301177004
EV RECONE KIT PRO 12BF.01U.110.869F.01U.110.86989629XX
EV RECONE KIT TL606M 15"F.01U.109.147F.01U.109.147301177016
EV DH3MT DH2010 Diaphragm KitF.01U.280.470EV DH3MT HF Driver81498XX
DVN2065 WOOFER, 6.5", 16 OHM, NEO MAGNEF.01U.155.239EV DVN2065 LF DriverASY000023100
DVN-2080 WOOFER 8", 16 OHM, NEO MAGNET,F.01U.109.690EV DVN2080 LF Driver560399100
DVX3120 WOOFER, 12"F.01U.316.419EV DVX3120 LF Driver301794101
EV8L ZXA1 Woofer ZXA1-90, ZX1i WooferF.01U.167.614EV ZXA1 LF DriverASY000971100
LA MFT 2008 C 250K30 D2700 SPEAKER C 25F.01U.111.519F.01U.111.519D330983
EV DL15BFH, Woofer 15-INF.01U.275.607DL15BFH LF DriverASY000611101
EV S40 WooferF.01U.110.5805" S40 compact monitor speaker82129
WOOFER, 12", EVID SERIESF.01U.109.636EVID 12" Driver560058101
WOOFER, 12", SX SERIESF.01U.110.715SXA100+ LF Driver85604CPD
WOOFER, 6.5" MIDBASS, SINGLE PKGF.01U.150.3576.5" Midrange SpeakerElectro Voice Parts
EVS12SB WOOFER 12" LONG EXCURSION, FOR SUBF.01U.109.712560486-000560486101
EV ZX4 WOOFER, EVS-15SFF.01U.109.691EV ZX4 LF Driver560405101
WOOFER, EVS2008, 8 INF.01U.135.499EVS2008 LF DriverASY000592100
WOOFER, 8" 16 OHMF.01U.132.575EV FRi2082 FRI-28LPM LF Driver800570PD
EV Diaphragm Kit DH3 DH2010A, DH2005F.01U.280.471EV ZXA1 Tweeter81514XX
Diaphragm Kit ND2-8, ZXA5, ZX3F.01U.280.263EV ZXA5 HF DriverElectro Voice Parts
Diaphragm Kit ND6A-16F.01U.281.501XW12A HF Driver diaphragmASY000737100
Diaphragm Kit ND2S-8F.01U.280.263EV ZX5 HF Driver DiaphragmS-800810100
Diaphragm Kit DH-1K, ELXF.01U.247.593EV ELX DiaphragmS-F01U247593
Diaphragm Kit DH7N-8, DH7-8, ND6X-8F.01U.281.502EV DH7 HF DriverASY000734100
ND2B-8 NEO BOLT-ON 2'' Horn DriverF.01U.281.530EVF-1122S/64 HF DriverEV Replacement Speakers
Diaphragm Kit ND2B-8F.01U.280.263EVF-1122S/64 Diaphragm800810100
Diaphragm Kit DH2T-8, DH2/AS2, DH2AMT, 81161XXF.01U.280.468EV ND2 HF Driver81161XX
EV DH1A Diaphragm Kit F.01U.281.502EV 81256XXASY000734100
EV DH1A-16OHM Diaphragm Kit , 81320XXF.01U.281.501EV 81320XXASY000737100
EV DH2010 Diaphragm KitF.01U.280.470EV 81498XX81498XX
EV DVX3120 RECONE KIT WooferF.01U.109.150EV DVX3120 LF Driver301177024
EV DVX3121 RECONE KITF.01U.109.154EV DVX3121 LF Driver301177030
EV DVX3121A Woofer DVX3121,F.01U.275.603Phoenix PX-2122, PX-1122M EV DVX3121A
EV DVX3122 RECONE KITF.01U.109.154301177030EV DVX3122
UW30 Under Water Speaker DriverF.01U.120.696University Sound UW30UW30
A151 Woofer LFT4008F.01U.112.338F.01U.112.338D354265
AM12 Woofer LFT3008F.01U.112.082AM12 LF DriverD347489
EV DVX-3150A WooferF.01U.278.391EV ZXA5 WooferASY000615001
8", 16 Ohm for FRi2082 FRI-28LPMF.01U.132.575FRi2082 Woofer800570PD
EV ELX-115P Replacement wooferF.01U.174.471EV ELX-115P LF DriverEVS-15K
EV ELX-112P Replacement wooferF.01U.174.470ASY001061000EVS-12K
EV ELX-118P Replacement wooferF.01U.174.472ASY001063000EVS-18K
EV ETX-35P, TX1152 Replacement wooferF.01U.278.395ASY000355101SMX2151
EV ZLX-12P Replacement wooferF.01U.174.470ASY001061000EVS-12K
EV ZLX-15P Replacement wooferF.01U.286.313EV EVS-15J LF DriverEVS 15J
EV ZXA5 Replacement wooferF.01U.278.391ASY000615001DVX-3150A
EV ETX-10P Replacement wooferF.01U.301.348EV SMX2100 LF DriverSMX2100
EV ETX-15P Replacement wooferF.01U.299.881EV SMX2150 LF DriverSMX2150
EV ETX-35P Replacement wooferF.01U.278.395EV SMX2151 SMX2151
EV SXA-100 Replacement wooferF.01U.110.715EV SXA-100+ Driver85604CPD
EV EKX-12P Replacement wooferF.01U.310.978EV EVS-12M DriverEVS-12M
EV EKX-15P Replacement wooferF.01U.310.996EV EVS-15M DriverEVS-15M
EV EKX-18SP Replacement wooferF.01U.311.012EV EVS-18C DriverEVS-18C
EV EKX-15SP Replacement wooferF.01U.311.004EV EVS-15C DriverEVS-15C
EV ETX-12P, TX1122 Replacement wooferF.01U.278.394EV SMX2120 DriverASY000352101
DH2T-8 DiaphragmF.01U.280.468EV DH2T8 DiaphragmDH2T-8
DH2T-8 Horn DriverF.01U.281.741834PD2680DH2T8
EV ELX200-12P Replacement wooferF.01U.310.978EVS12M SpeakerEVS-12M
ELX200-15P Replacement wooferF.01U.310.996EVS15M DriverEVS-15M
ELX200-18SP Replacement wooferF.01U.347.012EVS-18L SubwooferEVS18L
ELX200-12SP Replacement wooferF.01U.347.020EVS-12L SubwooferEVS12L
ELX200 Horn Driver - No Diaphragm AvailableF.01U.346.970DH-1L Horn DriverDH1L
ELX200-10P Replacement wooferF.01U.347.958EVS-10M WooferEVS10M
EV DLX15 Replacement wooferF.01U.275.608Rx115/75 LF Driver8152502PE
EVID 6.2 Woofer, 6"F.01U.150.290560042-000EVID6.2T Woofer
EVID 6.2 Grille, BlackF.01U.109.632EVID6.2T Grille
EVM15B Recone KitF.01U.110.89489948XXEVM-15B
EV SMX2151 Recone KitF.01U.109.161EV ETX35P Recone Kit301177038
EVS-12S Replacement subwooferF.01U.251.234ZXA1SUB LF DriverEVS-12S
Evolve 50, 3.5" HF WooferF.01U.345.947Evolve 50 column speakerS-YP9000013736
Evolve 50 Subwoofer, 12"F.01U.345.948Evolve 50 LF DriverS-YP9000013731
EV XVLT, XVLS 15" Replacement WooferF.01U.275.602EV EVX155PLT WooferEVX155PLT
EV DL12BFH Waterproof WooferF.01U.275.606EV SX300PI, SX300PIX LF DriverDL12BFH Waterproof
EV DL12BFH Woofer, 12"F.01U.278.396SXA360, SX300 LF Driver812PD3283
EVU-1062/95 LF DriverF.01U.241.374EVU-1062/95 6.5" SpeakerEV 6.5" Woofer
EV SXA180 LF DriverF.01U.146.597DiscontinuedDL18BFA
EV, EVX180B, 18" Subwoofer - DiscontinuedF.01U.275.618QRx218S, XSUB LF DriverEVX180
EVM12L Classic Guitar Speaker - DiscontinuedF.01U.117.819Replaced by F.01U.273.862EVM12L Classic
EV, EVS-18S SubwooferF.01U.112.796FORCE I SUB E, EVF-1181SEVS-18S
EV Force I Monitor WooferF.01U.109.413500603101EV Force Woofer, 12"
EVID 3.2 WooferF.01U.150.286560040000EV Speaker Parts
EVID C10.1 LF DriverF.01U.150.380560209000Electro Voice Replacement Parts
EV XI-1152A/64F WooferF.01U.278.397815PD3075EV EVX155
EV DL18MTF.01U.275.604Replacment for EVM-18B 301206101
DVX-3180 Discontinued use DVX3180A F.01U.278.393F.01U.123.220EV DVX-3180302037101
EVID 4.2 WooferF.01U.150.288 EVID 4.2 LF Driver560041-000
EVID C8.2 WooferF.01U.109.659Coaxial, LF and HF Drivers560204-000
EV DL15Y Subwoofer - DiscontinuedF.01U.146.622EV SbA750 LF Driver301223-101
EV SMX2120 Recone KitF.01U.109.158EV ETX12P Recone Kit301177035
EV SMX2150 Recone KitF.01U.109.160EV ETX15P Recone Kit301177037
EV DVX3159 Recone KitF.01U.275.296EV ETX15SP Recone KitS-ASY001017001
EV DVX3180/ DVX3180A Recone KitF.01U.109.156EV ETX18SP Recone Kit301177033
EV DVF4180 Recone KitF.01U.312.116EV X12-128 Recone Kit18TLW3000
EV DH2005 Horn DriverF.01U.281.444EV ZXA1 HF Driver833PD2442
EV DVX3159A Woofer, 15"F.01U.275.613EVA-1151D LF DriverDVX3159A
EV EVS-2008 Woofer, 8"F.01U.350.612EVC-1082/ LF DriverEVS2008
EV DH3G Horn DriverF.01U.350.630EVC-1122/VI- HF DriverDH3G
EV EVS15S Woofer, 15"F.01U.113.007EVF-1151S- SBA760 LF Driver SUBD364732
EV Driver 3'' Dia Neo 1.4'' Exit SingleF.01U.281.742EVF-1122D/64 HF DriverASY000845101
EV SMX2121 Woofer, 12"F.01U.278.392EVF-1122S/64 LF DriverASY000353101
EVID-S 5.2 WooferF.01U.358.134EVID-S 5.2B, 5.2WESP-EF01U358134
EVID-S 5.2 TweeterF.01U.358.136EVID-S 5.2B, 5.2WESP-EF01U358136
EVID-S 8.2 WooferF.01U.358.135EVID-S 8.2B, 8.2WESP-EF01U358135
EVID-S 8.2 TweeterF.01U.358.137EVID-S 8.2B, 8.2WESP-EF01U358137
EV ND12A-8 Woofer, Waterproof, 12"F.01U.298.248EV SX600PI LF Driver812WPD3345
EV University Sound ID60CT Horn DriverF.01U.105.440Replaces DC30 DC60 DriverCobreflex Horn
EV SMX2151 WooferF.01U.278.395SMX2151 WooferASY000355101
EV MFX-15MC Coaxial WooferF.01U.373.355CXCA3158-1CAESP-F01U357698
EV MFX-12MC Coaxial WooferF.01U.373.580CXCA3128-1CAESP-F01U357705
EV MFX 12/15 Diaphragm KitF.01U.373.579MFX-12MC HF DriverMFX-15MC HF Driver