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Telex ICW-6 Window Mount Security Intercom

Protect the Health and Safety of your staff with a Telex window intercom system. Great for offices, banks, medical centres, take out windows and more. Makes communications with your clients or customers a breeze, while protecting from illness like COVID 19, Flu, Colds, etc. Keep up with the demand for great service while still maintaining a safe working environment.



  • Telex ICW6 Wired Intercom System
  • Attach to Glass or Plexiglass Screens or Windows
  • Easy Installation and Set-up
  • Ticket Booth Intercom
  • Improved Durability
  • Reduces Costly Errors
  • Speeds Window Traffic Flow
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Window Intercom Canada
  • Telex window intercom system
  • Requires a Gooseneck Microphone or Headset (Sold Separately)
    • Microphone: MCP-90-8, MCP-90-12, MCP-90-18
    • Headset: PH-44-IC3 (Dual Headphone), PH-88-IC3 (Single Headphone), PH-44-IC3-QD, (Quick Disconnect - Dual Headphone), PH-88-IC3-QD (Quick Disconnect - Single Headphone)

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