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Are you an Audio Video do it yourselfer that just needs a few final pieces to complete your project?

Look no further, TES has your cables, adaptors, heat shrink tubing and so much more.  Check out our list below for just some of the products we carry in our showroom!

  • Digiflex Cables
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Hosa cables and adapters
  • Live Streaming Camera
  • DMX Cables
  • Midi Cables
  • Microphone Cables
  • HDMI Cables
  • Video Streaming products and accessories


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1380AC Adapter9VDC AC Adapter, 1AEffects Pedal AC Adapter
4668AC Adapter12VDC AC Adapter, 1.6A12 Volt AC Adapter
6760AC Adapter15VDC AC Adapter, 1.3A15 Volt AC Adapter
7031AC AdapterShure PS40 AC AdapterShure Wireless Microphone
11753AC Adapter24VDC AC Adapter, 1.0A24 Volt AC Adapter
12123AC Adapter9VDC, 800mA, Polarity Selectable, 2.5mmBoss Pedal AC Adapter, PSA
14356Analog SnakeRadial TX4 Catapult Transmitter Audio Snake over CAT6
14357Analog SnakeRadial RX4 Catapult ReceiverAudio Snake
12357Array SpeakerTOA HX5B Array SpeakersArena Speaker, Gymnasium Speaker
16215Array SpeakerTOA, HX7Array SpeakersArena Speakers, Gymnasium Speakers
536Audio Adapter1/4"-F to RCA-M, MonoPhone Jack to RCA Adapter
846Audio AdapterRCA-F to 1/4"-M Set, (2PCS)GPR101
859Audio Adapter1/4"-F stereo to 3.5mm - M- stereo (TRS)GMP112
860Audio Adapter1/8"F TRS to 1/4"-M TRS (Stereo)GPM103, Headphone Adapter
862Audio AdapterMIDI Cable CouplerMIDI Cable Joiner
869Audio AdapterRCA-F to RCA-F couplerGRA101, Phono Plug Coupler
875Audio AdapterRCA-F to 1/4"-M, Pair, 90°GPR123, Phono Plug Adapter
1710Audio AdapterDual Banana Plug to Mono 1/4"-FL1-2-14-BJ
2465Audio AdapterSpeakon to 1/4"-Female AdapterSpeaker Adapter
7683Audio AdapterXLR-M to XLR-MXLR Gender Changer
7695Audio AdapterXLR-F to 1/4"-M-TRSXLR to Phone Plug
7696Audio Adapter1/4" TRS-M to XLR-MGXP246
7697Audio AdapterXLR-M to 1/4"-F-TRSGXJ235
9541Audio AdapterLocking Speakon CouplerSpeaker Cable Coupler
10768Audio AdapterRCA-F to XLR-MGXM133, XLR adapter, RCA adaper
12115Audio AdapterXLR-F to RCA-FGXF132, XLR adapter, RCA adapter
12688Audio Adapter1/4"-F to 1/4"-F, LockingPhone Jack Coupler
12700Audio AdapterDual RCA-F to 1/8"-TRS(M)GRM193, 3.5mm
12701Audio AdapterXLR(F) to XLR(M), Ground Lift AdapterGLT255
12716Audio AdapterXLR-M to 1/4"-M(TS)A78132145
12717Audio AdapterXLR-M to 1/4"-F (TRS) LockingA78132145
12732Audio AdapterXLR-F to RCA-MGXR134, XLR adapter, RCA adapter
12733Audio AdapterXLR-M to RCA-MGXR135, XLR adapter, RCA adapter
13040Audio AdapterXLR-F to 1/4"-F (TRS) Locking
13993Audio AdapterPhase Reverser, XLR3F to XLR3MHosa Audio Adapters
14138Audio AdapterDual RCA-F to RCA-F Split (Pkg of 2)HAARR101
15811Audio AdapterHosa Knucklebones 3.5mm Signal SplitterGMM105, 1/8" Splitter, 3.5mm Splitter
822Audio CableDigiflex NXX25, 25' microphone cableDigiflex N25XX 25' XLR cable
823Audio CableDigiflex NXX50, 50' microphone cableDigiflex N50XX 50' XLR cable
850Audio CableHosa Stereo RCA CableCRA203
852Audio CableHosa Insert Cable, 1/4" Phone PlugsSTP202
858Audio CableHosa 1/4" Phone Plug Splitter CableYPP111, Phone Y Cable
868Audio Cable3.5mm Stereo Plug to two RCA(M), 10' Cable1/8" laptop Audio Cable
871Audio Cable3.5mm TRS-M to 2 x 1/4" TS-M, 10'1/8" iPad Audio Cable
872Audio CableRCA Y Cable, RCA-M to two RCA-FYRA104, RCA Splitter Cable
873Audio CableRCA Y Cable, 1/4"-M to two RCA-M.YPR124, RCA Splitter Cable
1893Audio CableXLR(M) - 6' - 1/4"(M)(TRS)XLR Patch Cable
8266Audio Cable1/4" Balanced Cable, TRS(M) to TRS(M) - 6'NSS6, Phone plug
8282Audio CableMono 3.5mm-M to Mono 1/4"-M, 10'Hosa CMP310
8737Audio CableHosa, 10' 2.5mm Stereo cable, 2.5mm Male to male2.5mm Stereo Cable
10064Audio Cable1/4" Balanced Cable, TRS(M) to TRS(M) - 10'Stereo Phone plugs, NSS10
10088Audio Cable1/4" (TS-M) to XLR-FHXP005, DJ Microphone cable
10101Audio Cable3.5 mm Stereo to 1/4 in Stereo Cable, 5'CMS105, 1/8" IPAD Cable
10105Audio Cable1/4" Balanced Cable, TRS(M) to TRS(M) - 3'NSS3, 1/4" Stereo Phone Cable
10415Audio Cable6' XLR Mono Sum Cable - XLR to 1/8" Stereo PugiPad Cable, laptop Audio Cable
10416Audio CableMono Sum Cable - 1/4" Mono Plug to 1/8" Stereo PlugComputer Audio Cable, laptop Cable
10774Audio CableXLR-M to RCA-M, 15'XLR Audio Cable
10834Audio Cable1/4" TRS-M to ConvertCon XLRPhone Jack Cable
10977Audio Cable1/4" TS(M) to RCA (M) - 6'NPR6, Adapter Cable
11047Audio Cable1/4" Balanced Cable, TRS(M) to TRS(M) - 25'25' Stereo Phone Jack Cable
11782Audio CableStereo RCA CableHosa CRA206 Audio Cable
11824Audio Cable3' XLR to RCA CableHosa HRX003 Audio Cable
12334Audio Cable3ft Cat6 Cable, PurpleCat 5e cable
12378Audio Cable3.5mm Stereo to two RCA Male, 25'CMR225, 1/8", ipad, Laptop Audio Cables
14235Audio Cable1/8" Stereo Male to 1/8 Stereo Female Cable - 15'1/8" Stereo Extension Cable
14835Audio CableBreakout Cable, 3.5mm TRRS - 5' - 3 x RCA3.5mm Audio Cables
16170Audio Cable3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Stereo Male, 3'Digiflex HKK3,
16172Audio Cable3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Stereo Male, 10'Computer Audio Cable
16173Audio Cable CableHosa, 3.5mm Y Cable1/8" Audio Cables
10978Audio CableCable3.5mm Stereo Plug to 2 x 1/4" Mono Plugs, 6'Stereo Audio Cable
9450Audio MixerBehringer Xenyx 1002FX MixerSound Board
9806Audio MixerBehringer Xenyx 1202FX MixerSound Boards
11070Audio MixerBehringer QX1202USB MixerXENYX Mixer
11156Audio MixerBehringer XENYX Q802USB MixerUSB Sound Board
11286Audio MixerAllen & Heath ZED22FX MixerAllen & Heath Mixer
12447AV MixerRoland VR-3EX Audio Video mixerVideo Streaming, Internet Streaming
15810Bluetooth Audio AdapterHosa IBT402, Tx/Rx Bluetooth Audio InterfaceBluetooth Audio Converter
1921Cable3.5mm TRS to Dual 1/4" M-TS, 3'iPad, Laptop, Computer Audio Cable
1922Cable3.5mm(M) TRS to two RCA(M), 3'1/8", Ipad Cable, laptop Stereo Cable
1923Cable3.5 mm TRS(M) to Dual RCA(F)Hosa Audio Cables
6791Cable1/4" Mono Phone Plug to RCA Plug - 10'CPR110
16195Cable75ft Cat6 550Mhz UTP Network Cable BlackTechCraft Cables
15432Cable AdapterMicro HDMI to HDMI AdapterHDMI, Pigtail
15566Cable Adapter2 Way HDMI SplitterHDMI Splitter Cable
11023Cable TieDigiflex Velcro Cable Strap, 8", 28 PackVelcro Cable Tie
11024Cable TieDigiflex Velcro Cable Strap, 12", 25 PackDigiflex Cables
11037Cat6 Cable14' Cat6 Patch Cable - BlueCables To Go
12948Cat6 Cable25' Cat6 Cables - BlueSnagless Patch Cables
15075CAT6a Cable35' Shielded CAT6a Cable, Metal Connectors, BlackTechCraft Cables
15076CAT6a Cable25' Shielded CAT6a Cable, Metal Connectors, BlackCAT6a Shielded Cables
15077CAT6a Cable50' Shielded CAT6a Cable, Metal Connectors, BlackShielded CAT6a Cables
16196CAT6a Cable100ft Cat6 550Mhz UTP Network Cable BlackCat6 UTP Network Cable
16197CAT6a Cable150ft Cat6 550Mhz UTP Network Cable BlackNetwork Cable
16198CAT6a Cable200ft Cat6 550Mhz UTP Network Cable BlackInternet Cable
10709Ceiling SpeakerTOA F-2852CU2 Paging SpeakerBackground Music Speaker
1779ChemicalsLabel & Adhesive Remover
2848Chemicals99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner-Pump, 500ml
10519Coax ConnectorBNC-F to RCA-M, 75 OhmBNC Connector
10520Coax ConnectorRCA-F to BNC-M, 75 OhmBNC to RCA Connector
15249Coax ConnectorBNC Female to F Male AdaptorVideo, Coax, CCTV, F connector
15253Coax ConnectorRCA-F to BNC-M, 75 OhmVideo Coax Connector, CCTV Cable
15255Coax ConnectorBNC Male to F Female AdaptorCCTV Camera Connector
15260Coax ConnectorRCA Male to F Female AdapterVideo, Coax, CCTV RG6 Connector
15501Coax ConnectorF- Female to F- Female Coupler, 75 Ohm (2Pcs)RG6 coupler, RG6 joiner, NFF339
2681Contact CleanerCaig DeoxIT D5 Spray (5 oz.) Contact CleanerDeoxit D5 Canada
1824DI BoxEDB1 DI BoxWhirlwind DI Box
9335DI BoxRadial ProAV1 DI BoxMono DI Box
9337DI BoxRadial ProAV2 DI Box Stereo DI Box
9369DI BoxRadial ProDI DI BoxRadial Engineering DI Box
9371DI BoxRadial JDV DI BoxRadial Engineering
9372DI BoxRadial JPC DI Box
10702DI BoxDigiflex DSPDI DI BoxStereo DI Boxes
11126DI BoxRadial JDX DI BoxStage DI Box
11128DI BoxRadial JS3 DI Box
11689DI BoxRadial Pro48 DI BoxAcoustic Guitar DI Box
12126DI BoxHall Research Stereo Audio, RCA ConnectorsGLIRCA, Computer DI Box
12127DI BoxHall Research Stereo Audio, 3.5mm ConnectorsGLI3.5MM, 1/8" laptop DI Box
13609DI BoxRadial Stagebug SB5W Wall Mount Stereo DIBass guitar DI Box
14007Digital MixerQSC Touchmix 30 MixerQSC Digital Mixer
10236Digital Signal ProcessorBehringer FBQ100Behringer Shark Feedback Eliminator
7679DMX CableDMX (50')50' DMX Cable, Accu-Cable
7714DMX CableDMX (5')5' DMX Cables, Accu-Cable
7715DMX CableDMX (10')10' DMX Cables, Accu-Cable
7716DMX CableDMX (25')25' DMX Cables, Accu-Cable
11344DMX CableDMX Adapter, 3 Pin XLR(M) to 5 Pin XLR(F)Accu-Cable DMX cable
11345DMX CableDMX Adapter, 3 Pin XLR(F) to 5 Pin XLR(M)DMX Lighting Cable
13967Ear Worn MicrophoneMogan EAO-BG-SH, BeigeShure Headset Microphone
14282Ear Worn MicrophoneMogan EAO-BG-AT, BeigeAudio Technica Headset Microphone
15157Ear Worn MicrophoneMogan EAO-BG-AK, BeigeAKG Headset Microphone
15974Ear Worn MicrophoneMogan EAO-BG-EVEV Headset Microphone
5428Fog Machine FluidADJ F4L-ECO Fog FluidFog Machine Fluid
11996Fog Machine FluidDJ Power, FOG-2L Fog FluidFog Juice
11682Gaffer TapeGaffer Tape, 2" x 30 Yards, BlackHosa GFT526BK Gaffer Tape
787Guitar Jack1/4" Guitar Jack - Long ThreadHead for Guitar Straps
1505Hand Held MicrophoneShure Beta 58AShure Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone
1630Hand Held MicrophoneShure SM58 Shure Dynamic Microphone
10208Hand Held MicrophoneShure SM57 Shure Cardioid Instrument Microphone
10684HDMI CableAtlona HDMI Cable - 10ft,Atlona AT14035-3 Swivel Cable - 10ft
11236HDMI Cable15' HDMI CableHDMI,CHMHM15
11334HDMI Cable3' HDMI CableHDMI,CHMHM3
11335HDMI Cable6' HDMI Streaming CableHDMI, CHMHM6
11336HDMI Cable10' HDMI CableHDMI Live streaming Camera Cable
11337HDMI Cable25' HDMI CableHDMI Live streaming Camera
12079HDMI Cable35' HDMI CableChurch Live streaming camera Cables
12706HDMI Cable50' HDMI CablesChurch Live streaming Camera Cables
15771HDMI CableKramer High-Speed HDMI CableKramer Electronics
877Headphone Cable1/4" Jack Headphone Extension CableHPE325
1404Heat Shrink Tubing1/4", White - 4'heatshrink tubing
1414Heat Shrink Tubing3/16", Red - 4'heatshrink tubing
1415Heat Shrink Tubing1/4", Red - 4'heatshrink tubing
1425Heat Shrink Tubing3/16", Yellow - 4'heatshrink tubing
1426Heat Shrink Tubing1/4", Yellow - 4'heatshrink tubing
1436Heat Shrink Tubing3/16", Blue - 4'heatshrink tubing
1437Heat Shrink Tubing1/4", Blue - 4'heatshrink tubing
1397Heat Shrink Tubing1", Black - 4'heatshrink tubing
1398Heat Shrink Tubing1-1/2", Black - 4'heatshrink tubing
1399Heat Shrink Tubing2", Black - 4'heatshrink tubing
1403Heat Shrink Tubing3/16", White - 4'heatshrink tubing
1446Heat Shrink Tubing1/8", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
1447Heat Shrink Tubing3/16", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
1448Heat Shrink Tubing1/4", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
1449Heat Shrink Tubing3/8", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
1450Heat Shrink Tubing1/2", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
1451Heat Shrink Tubing3/4", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
12184Heat Shrink Tubing1", Clear - 4'Clear Heatshrink Tubing
9109Horn SpeakerTOA CS-304 Weather Resistant Horn SpeakersOutdoor Speakers
913Instrument Cable1/4" Unbalanced CableNPP3, Instrument Cable
4381Instrument Cable1/4" (TS-M) - 25' - 1/4' (TS-M)NPP25, Guitar cable, Unbalanced Cable
542JackNeutrik XLR Cable JackXLR Female Cable Plug
1568JackRG-6 Coax cable Coupler - Chassis MountRG59, 75 Ohm Cable Coupler
12698Jack3.5mm jack, 1/8" Mini jack, StereoMini Stereo Jack
10567Lighting AccessoriesDMX512 Terminator, XLR-M 3 PinDMT414, DMX Load
11281Lighting AccessoriesChauvet Lighting Clamp CLP 02CLP02
11282Lighting AccessoriesChauvet Lighting Clamp CLP 09CLP09, CLP9
11283Lighting AccessoriesChauvet Lighting Safety Cable-SC-100SC100
14207Lighting AccessoriesChauvet Mirror Ball Motor (DISCONTINUED)
11269Lighting ControllerChauvet Obey40 DMX ControllerChauvet Lights
12081Lighting Stand AccessoriesLighting Stand Carry BagK&M Stands
13961Line CordAC Cord, 15 feet, 14 AWG, IEC C13 to NEMA 5-15P15' 14 Guage Power Cord
6222MicrophoneEV, PC-18/XLR Gooseneck Microphone18" Podium Microphone
11990MicrophoneShure CVG18-B/C Gooseneck MicrophoneShure Podium Microphone
2433MicrophoneEV OLM-10 Lapel MicrophoneLavalier Microphone, Clip On Microphone
14078MicrophoneMogan EAO-BG-SE, BeigeSennheiser Headset Microphone
10549Microphone AccessoriesOn Stage MSA7040TB, Telescoping Boom - BlackOnStage
13892Microphone AccessoriesMicrophone Stand Clip, Universal 25 mmShure SM58S, Shure SM57
1599Microphone CableDigiflex NXX10 10' Microphone CableDigiflex NXX10 10' XLR Cable
5547Microphone CableMicrophone, XLR(M) - 3' - XLR(F)N3XX, 3' microphone cable
7749Microphone CableDigiflex NXX15, 15' Microphone cablesDigiflex cables
7750Microphone CableDigiflex NXX6, 6' Microphone cablesDigiflex cables
4928Microphone Service PartGrille For Shure SM58 MicrophoneShure SLX2 Wireless Microphone
10163Microphone StandOn Stage MS7201B - Round Base Microphone Stand
11361Microphone StandOn Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Stand & BoomMicrophone Boom
13436MIDI Cable3' MIDI CableHMIDIG3 MIDI Cables
13437MIDI Cable10' MIDI CableHMIDIG10 MIDI Cables
5975Optical CableToslink Optical Cable, 5 ft.Digital Audio Cable, Fibre Optic Cable
14187Paging AmplifierTOA A5012 Mixer AmplifierBackground Music Amplfier
889Patch CablePatch Cable (6") R-Angle 1/4 PlugPhone Patch Cable
368Phone Jack1/4" Phone JackSwitchcraft Speaker Jack
6129Phone JackFender 0051658000 Mono 1/4" JackFender Guitar Amplifier Jack
9457Phono Pre-AmplifierBehringer PP400 Phono PreampConnect record player to stereo
540PlugTRS Phone Plug1/4" Stereo Phone Plug
544PlugNeutrik XLR-Male PlugMale XLR Cable Plug
751PlugPhone Plug- Large Boot1/4" speaker jack
2080PlugSpeakon Jack , 2 PoleNL2FC
5816Plug1/4" Phone PlugSpeaker Plug
7908PlugMono Phone Plug1/4" Mono Phone Plug
8124PlugPhone, Mono, 90°Guitar Cable Jack
9238Plug3.5mm Mini Stereo Plug1/8" Stereo Plug
11708PlugSpeakon Plug, 4 PoleNeutrik Speaker Plug
13960PlugSpeakon Plug, 4 Pole, STX series, MaleNLT4MX Neutrik connectors
8158Power AmplifierBehringer EP4000 AmplifierStereo Power Amplifier
15933Power AmplifierDynacord L1300FD-US AmplifierHigh Power Amplifier
8055Powercon CablePowercon Power Cable
10695Powered SpeakerEV ZXA1-Sub, SubwooferPowered Subwoofer
12349Powered SpeakerBehringer EPS500MP3 Portable PA SystemEuroport, PA System
15146Powered SpeakerEV ZLX12BT Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth Speakers
811Rack ComponentScrews, Philips 10-32x3/4" w/ Washers (25 Pack)PTSW25, Rack Screws
11631Rack ComponentMAC, Slim Power Strip, 8 out, 15 amp39" Rack powerstrip
6790RCA CableSingle RCA Plug to RCA PlugCRA110
15946RJ45 ConnectorCat6, RJ45 Inline CouplerCat 6 Coupler, RJ45
561Solder ProductsSolder, 60/40Electronics Solder
1373Solder ProductsSolder Wick, 5' rollMSDS
826Speaker Cable35' Speaker Cable, 1/4" Phone Plugs14AWG, L35-2-14-SP
1786Speaker Cable50" Speaker Cable, 1/4" PlugsL50-2-14-SP
5613Speaker CableSpeaker Cable, 1/4"- 25 '-1/4"Phone Jack Speaker Cables
11837Speaker Miscellaneous4-Way Speaker SwitchSpeaker selector
11838Speaker Miscellaneous2-Way Speaker SwitchSpeaker zone selector
8173Speaker StandEV TSP-1, 2 EV Speaker Stands & Carrying BagTSP1, EV TSS1 Speaker Stand
10989Speaker StandOn Stage, SS7745 Subwoofer PoleSubwoofer Speaker Pole
9953Speaker_PassiveTOA PC658R, 6" Ceiling Speaker70v speaker, Background Music Speakers
14943Speaker_PassiveEV TX1152 Refurbished SpeakerTour X, EV TX-1152
8738Speakon Cable25' Speakon Speaker CableL25-2-14-N2, 14AWG, Speaker Cable
10065Speakon CableSpeakon to 1/4" Plug, 25' Speaker CableDigiflex L25-2-14-SP-N4
11961Test EquipmentSound Level Meter AutorangingSPL Meter
1183Test Equipment AccessoriesMeter probe setMeter Test Leads
15608Test Equipment AccessoriesOP-60B Scope probeOscilloscope probe, OP60B
554ToolElectronics Flush CutterWire Cutters
557ToolWire Stripper, HT-1042, 16-26 awgCable Stripper
558ToolAnti Static Wrist Strap, 6', c/w Alligator Clipanti-static
564ToolSolder SuckerST140
1590ToolCoaxial Crimp ToolCoaxial Cable Crimp Tool
15071ToolRG6/58/59 Coax Cable StripperRG6 Cable, RG58 Cable, RG59 Cable
13296USB MicrophoneShure X2U USB AdapterXLR to USB Microphone Adapter
2625Vacuum Tube6L6GC/5881WXT Guitar Amplifier Tubes
3530Vacuum Tube6V6GTSovtek Power Output Tube
8715Vacuum TubeEL84 / 6BQ5 SovtekEL84 tube
8361Vacuum TubeGT12AX7R, Groove Tube12AX7 Tube, Preamp Tube
13709VGA Cable6' VGA Male to Male + 3.5mm Stereo Audio CableVGA Cable
13169Video AccessoriesBNC-M to BNC-M, 75 Ohm AdapterBNC Video Cable, VGA
13607Video AccessoriesKramer HDMI Right-Angled AdapterKramer Electronics
15796Video CameraPTZ Optics, 12X SDI PTZ Camera HDMI Video Streaming Camera
16157Video CameraPTZ Optics, 20X NDI PTZ HDMI CameraVideo Streaming Service
10512Video ConnectorBNC-F to BNC-F, 75 OHM CouplerBNC Coupler
15001Volume Control126W; 8 Ohm Stereo Volume ControlSpeaker volume control
5254Wireless Microphone SystemEV RE-2-L10-C-A, Lapel MicrophoneWireless Microphones
6215Wireless Microphone SystemEV RE-2-N2-C-A Wireless Handheld SystemCordless Microphones
14741Wireless Microphone SystemEV R300-HD-C Handheld Wireless MicrophoneElectro-Voice Wireless Microphone
14742Wireless Microphone SystemEV, R300-L-C Wireless MicrophoneEV Wireless Microphones
1609XLR CableXLR Y Splitter Cable, Female to 2 MaleMicrophone Splitter Cable
1610XLR CableXLR Y Splitter Cable, Male to 2 FemaleXLR Splitter Cable
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