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For EV ELX Speaker repair

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  • SMPS400 V11
  • HYPEX Power Supply 
  • SMPS400A180
  • Plug and play - no soldering required
  • EV ELX112P power supply
  • EV ELX115P power supply
  • EV ELX118P power supply
  • EV ZXA1 - Sub power supply
  • Hypex SMPS 400 180
  • F.01U.306.756
  • Hypex SMPS400
  • DAS 30008204, Event 208A, Event 210A, Event M210A power supply
  • 120 & 230VAC selectable for North American and EU operation, 47-63Hz.
  • Unplug the jumper with the RED wire for 230VAC operation
  • Electro Voice Warranty Service
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Type Manufacturer number TES number
Circuit Board F.01U.306.756 14044
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