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Q04-56500-08363BehringerBehringer PMP-3000 Digital Amplifier Module8973Behringer HCA-2400
Q04-00000-08216BehringerBehringer UB-SPSU1 Switchmode Power Supply5367UB Series mixers Power Supply
Q05-23205-07885BehringerBehringer SPS-600, Switch Mode Power Supply6566PMH-3000, PMH-880S, PMH-5000, PMX-5000 Power Supply
Q05-11505-00728BehringerBehringer SPS-400, Switchmode Supply7329PMH-1000, PMP-1000 Power Supply
Q05-00000-03233BehringerBehringer DPM-5 EFX Board5511Behringer DPM5 Effects Board
Q05-18302-04544BehringerBehringer EP-2500/ EP-4000 Channel 2 Amp Board Assy.6193Behringer EP-2500 amp board
Q04-22900-06653BehringerBehringer DPA-400 Left Amplifier Assembly7492PMH-3000 , PMH-5000, PMX-5000, PMX-3000 Amplifier Board
Q04-22900-06655BehringerBehringer DPA-400 Right Amplifier Assembly7493PMH-3000 , PMH-5000, PMX-5000, PMX-3000 Amplifier Board
Q04-56508-07968BehringerBehringer SPS-1000 Power Supply Assy.8049PMH660M, PMH880S Power Supply Assy.
Q09-24400-04612BehringerUB-SPSU2 Power Supply8699SL Series mixers
Q05-26102-02417BehringerBehringer B212A Main Amp PCB Assy.8781Behringer B212A Amp Assembly
Q09-06600-45671BehringerBehringer DDX-3216 DSP PCB Assy.8800Digiflex Cables
Q05-13500-06564BehringerBehringer B2030A Amplifier Board9673Behringer B2030A Amplifier Assembly
X76-60340-01991BehringerBehringer B2030A Tweeter5962Behringer B2030A Tweeter
X77-30872-37710BehringerBehringer B2031A Woofer6344Behringer B2031A Replacement Woofer
X71-60250-00046BehringerBehringer B2031A Tweeter6500Behringer B2031A Replacement Tweeter
X77-61200-44118BehringerBehringer B1220 Replacement Woofer, 12"6591 B1220PRO, B1220DSP, F1220 Replacement Woofer
968-71089-26734BehringerBehringer KX-1200 AC Power Transformer5390Behringer KX-1200 Transformer
Z68-70789-29800BehringerBehringer B2031A AC Transformer6152Behringer B3031A Transformer
17231MackieP&G Motorized Fader6785MCU, Extender, MCU XT, Control C4, logic control XT, Control Universal
130-075-00Mackie 50KG, Slide, EQ Potentiometer7154CFX-12, CFX-16, DFX-6
7858Mackie10KD, Dual, Fader, 60mm7659Main mix fader, Onyx 1640, 1642-VLZ3, 1604-VLZ3
130-043-02Mackie10KB Potentiometer77059mm, HR-824 input level control.
15429Mackie50KB, Slide Potentiometer837730mm, Dual, D.2, D.2 PRO cue fader
14586Mackie12 Segment LED Array, Blue/White791610mm D.2 PRO LED meter
13429MackieSuper Blue LED SMT8311d.2pro, d.4pro knob illumination
304-023-00Mackie Frosted, VU Meter Bulb827718V 24.8, 32.8, 8 Bus, VU Meter lamp
480-072-00Mackie7.5VDC, 4A Power Supply8996AC Adapter, Mackie Control Universal
15276Mackie15" Subwoofer5379SWA-1501, HD-1501, SRS-1500 Woofer
0005386-90Mackie10" Woofer, 12 Ohm7873For SRM-350, 0005386
0030617Mackie5" Woofer7990MR5 Woofer
0013925MackieHorn Driver8375SA-1521z, SA-1530z, SA-1532z, SA-1232z, HF Driver
2033773Mackie15" Woofer, 4 Ohm8557HD1521, HD1531, Woofer, 0029680
0021511MackieDomed Tweeter8616HR824 MK2, HR624MK2 Tweeter
2036442MackieTweeter10486MR-5 MKII, MR-8 MKII Replacement Tweeter
2036441Mackie8" Woofer10488MR-8 MKII Replacement Woofer
2037707-00MackieTH-15A Firmware Update Kit V1.07P10128TH-15A DSP IC
0027616-00MackieHF Amplifier PCB Assy 9773 SRM350V2, SRM450V2 HF Amplifier Board TDA7294
0027618-00MackieSRM350V2 Driver PCB9886Mackie SRM350V2 HF Amp Circuit Board
0021631-01MackieTH-15A, TH-12A DSP Circuit Board10076Thump DSP PCB Assy.
0027617-00MackieSRM350V2 LF Amp PCB10114SRM350V2 LF Amp Board
2260Mackie1604 Mixer Ribbon Cable Kit7217Mackie 1604-VLZ, 1604-VLZ PRO Ribbon Cable Kit
2033867MackieHR824 Tweeter Diaphragm, 6 Ohm9967HR624 HR626 HR824 Tweeter
0030621-00MackieMR-8 Amplifier Module8718Mackie MR8 Amplifier Module
0021560MackieHR-824 MK2 Amplifier Module11226Mackie HR824 MK2 Amp Assembly
MD-965-05-YH03NumarkTT-200 Motor Drive Assy.4698Numark TT-200 Turntable Replacement Drive
700-03-418-90TOAMain Board, Band A-01 For WM-43104387TOA WM-4310
700-03-395-10TOAAF PCB Assy., For WM-42004530TOA WM-4200 Audio board
73900559PEAVEYPower Supply Module, For Escort 20005002Peavey Escort 2000 Power Supply
700-06-269-00TOAMain Board, TS-8017646TOA TS801 Replacement Main Circuit Board
700-03-400-20TOATOA WM-4210 Main PCB Assy6161Digiflex Cables
18-611-01CrateCMX42FX DSP ASSEMBLY8257Crate CMX42FX
700-03-761-80TOATOA A-706 Power Amp Assy.8791C/W Heatsink, complete module
N/APEAVEYPeavey ICA-400V Input PCB Assy.9876Peavey ICA-400V Input board
32200110PEAVEYCC4000 Main PCB Assy.9924Peavey CC4000 Amplifier Main Board
00440840PEAVEYPeavey HT94 Horn Diaphragm - Original7649Peavey 00440840
00021200PEAVEYPeavey 1203-4 RB BW Rep Basket5953Peavey 00021200
00021400PEAVEYPeavey 1203-8 RB BW5868Vintage 1203-8 Replacement Basket
00013890PEAVEYPeavey S-12825W R/B5867Vintage S12825W Replacement Basket
00015030PEAVEYPeavey SP15425M RB5856Peavey Scorpion SP15425
00015300PEAVEYPeavey 1505-4 DT RB5852Peavey 1505-4 DT Replacement Basket
96000105PEAVEYPeavey 1208-8 SPS BW RB5850Original Peavey 1208-8 SPS BW Replacement Basket, 00560770
00452890PEAVEYPeavey 1508-4 SPS BWX RB5848Peavey 00560150 Replacement Basket
70777128PEAVEYFull Range, 15830J, Peavey KB100 Speaker4842Eminence # 67-950803748
70500207PEAVEYOutput Transformer For EVH-5150 Combo5582EVH-5150 Combo Output Transformer
99092172PEAVEYPeavey MMA-8752 Front & Rear PCB Assy.11551Peavey MMA-8752 Circuit Board
0028675-00AmpegRear Jack PCB Assy. BA300-115, BA300-21010367Ampeg BA300-115, BA300-210 Jack Board
DCN‑MICLBoschDCN‑MICL Pluggable Long Microphone - Silver12092For Bosch DCN conference systems
2260MackieMackie 1604 Mixer Ribbon Cable Kit7217Mackie 1604-VLZ, 1604-VLZ PRO
2033867MackieMackie HR624 HR626 HR824 Tweeter Diaphragm9967Mackie 2033867, 0010636 tweeter
8412BullfrogDiaphragm for Bullfrog MS-12m horn1341Bullfrog Speaker
114-02-142-9BTOATOA P-906A Amp Output Transformer2444TOA OT-376 for P-906A
910.341Beyerdynamic910341 Headphone Connectiing Cable -Straight Cable, 1.6m12091For DT-770 PRO 250, 3.5mm connector
BRK-1AviomAviom BRK-1 Button and Knob Repair Kit12130Aviom 9802-1001-0001F
KS-813-1HammondReplaces MM5832 IC461513-5055-6, M082B1, 7 Note Top Octve Synthesizer IC Retro
F.01U.110.848Electro-Voice88291B Condenser Microphone Element2551EV 1776B, PL-76A, PL-77A/B, PL-78, RE-75 mic capsule
F.01U.149.990Electro-Voice4 Pin LEMO Connector5566Telex WT-450
591143000Electro-VoiceEV CO11 Condenser Microphone Element6862EV Cobalt CO11, HTU2C-410 mic capsule
MB1511VegaVega HT2020 RF Synthesizer4970For VEGA HT / BT2020
111-11-376-50TOAYM3014B, Serial Input Floating D/A Converter (DAC-SS)7521TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100
SSM2404Analog DevicesSSM2404 Quad audio switch4722Telex BP-2000, BP-2002
2226M9901AKGAKG C747 Microphone Capsule11588AKG 2226M9901 Shotgun mic capsule
F.01U.109.912Telex Dynamic Microphone Element4027Telex PH-1, PH-2, PH-3 Headset mic capsule
111-11-469-00TOAHD63B01V1J60P7546TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
111-11-375-40TOAYM2203C7547TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
111-11-452-00TOARP5C157548TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
111-11-513-00TOAHN58C65P-257549TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
111-31-422-50TOASRAM622566LP, HM62256LP-12, M5M5256DP-70LL7550TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
111-11-217-50ZilogZilog LH0080B4931TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
111-06-447-60TOASI-8301LG Voltage regulator7084TOA PS-100, TOA IC-100 parts
F.01U.109.035TelexTelex 1911011500 Call Switch9075Telex Service Center
111-11-514-70TOATCM3105NL5503TOA AS-100, TOA MU-110, TOA IC-100 parts
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